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FreshBooks Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

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freshbooks logoOverview Presentation

FreshBooks is an online invoicing, accounting and billing software for small business owners. Most of the time, freelancers, consultants, and small to medium-sized business make use of office suites such as word processors, spreadsheets and email for just about anything, even if they are not the best tools for the job. Cloud-based applications and services now can perform business functions such as billing and invoice management more efficiently. By using the leading cloud accounting solution, even one-person first-time owners are able to manage finances and create professional-looking invoices easily.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Easy-to-use Online InvoicingFreshBooks is simple and straightforward to use. It has an intuitive interface that enables users to create, send and track invoices in a few minutes. Users can add their company logo, payment terms in any currency, and client information. Unit costs, amount totals and taxes are automatically computed. It will notify the users if clients have already viewed or paid the invoice, and will follow up those who have not paid with late payment reminders. It accepts credit card payments and can print paper copies for clients who prefer them.
  • Time and Expense Tracking – This online billing software makes it easy to log time and billable hours wherever the user may be. It has native iOS and Android apps that enable users to use their smartphones and tablets to track time, take photos of receipts and quickly convert hours and other billable items into invoices. It can even import expense data from bank accounts and credit cards and enter them in a specific tax category.
  • Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, and more – Freshbooks cloud accounting solution is a productivity tool that enables users to perform bookkeeping functions without getting intimidated. It allows them to get organized easily and get paid quickly. It has Accounts Aging and Time to Pay reports that help users know the details of their business. It also has Invoice Details, Revenue by Client, and Profit & Loss reports to discover outstanding invoices, the best clients and the financial health of the business. It also integrates with many web services and apps such as PayPal, Stripe, Google Apps and more.

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FreshBooks online invoicing, accounting and billing software offers freemium plans. Users who have 1 client can use the software-as-a-service for free. The Seedling plan that is priced at $ 19.95 per month allows users to manage up to 25 clients. As plans go higher, more features are available. All plans include free and friendly customer support, import and export of data, security safeguards, backup procedures, and ability to accept credit card payments. It is free to try for 30 days. Subscription can be canceled at any time.

freshbooks pricing

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Target Market

Freshbooks is for freelancers, consultants, law firms, marketing agencies, professional services, IT web services and other small to mid-sized businesses. It is valuable for business owners, managers, accountants and finance staff.

Supported Language

The interface is available in English but invoices can be sent in the following languages: German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Estonian.

Some of their Clients

Client information is not available. However, the site states that it is currently servicing 5 million customers in over 120 countries.

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Tina Roth-Eisenberg stated that FreshBooks made her look professional and also saves her a huge amount of time.

Melissa Crnic described it as a very helpful software that makes tax season stress-free with its features.

Why FreshBooks

Invoicing, accounting and billing are essential business functions that should be managed well. FreshBooks is an easy-to-use, highly accessible and scalable cloud software that makes all these business functions simple, organized and professional-looking.

Company Info

Freshbooks is a service offered by 2ndSite Inc., a privately held computer software company based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 2003 by Mike McDerment (CEO), Joe Sawada, and Levi Cooperman (VP Operations). While with a previous Internet consulting business company, Mike accidentally saved over an old invoice. Dissatisfied with the current tools at that time to create invoices and manage billing, he decided to build what now has become the leading cloud accounting solution designed for small business owners. In July 2014, it received $ 30M first round funding from investors. The company is committed to building a time-saving software and providing extraordinary customer service.

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RelateIQ Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?
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Overview Presentation

relateiq-logoRelateIQ is a relationship management platform that extracts important data from emails, smartphone calls and appointments, and integrates it into a single application, in addition to providing rational support to its valuable clients when required. RelateIQ, established in 2011, has grown to become a popular cloud-based customer relationship management software, with a highly talented team of employees and gaining clients’ trust in every step towards success.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Automatic Information Capture and Integration - RelateIQ’s platform routinely analyzes and isolates a user’s professional emails and other necessary interactions, unlike traditional relationship management systems which usually rely on data input by users. As of now, RelateIQ supports several applications like Google Apps, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Office 365, as well as Facebook for photos.
  • Intelligent Suggestions and Reminders - In clubbing together the data gathered from several sources, RelateIQ leverages data science to search through emails, analyze them, offer suggestions and give reminders to its salespeople. RelateIQ introduced “Closest Connections”, a feature that improvises a time-consuming and potentially erroneous sales practice used previously, with which it identifies warm introductions for potential prospects based on actual activity occurring within a team’s email inbox, calendar, phone, and social network profiles.
  • Packed-up Security and API - RelateIQ has placed a lot of focus on security, and recruited engineers from top companies like Google, Palantir, LinkedIn and Yahoo. Their enhanced security system uses two-factor authentications and provides protection against DDOS and MITM attacks. Additionally, strict internal access control is ensured for its customers. The RelateIQ API is focused on ensuring ease of use for its customers. The API is based on RESTful principles, and uses HTTP authentication standards and HTTP methods to make the API as easy to use as possible. The API makes the requests, objects, responses, and errors consistent and easy to understand for its customers.

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RelateIQ offers several pricing packages for its valuable customers, all including a 30-day risk-free trial period. Their packages include a Small Team plan at $ 49 per user billed annually, Business plan at $ 99 per user billed annually, and an Enterprise plan on contract. It gives top-tier support and tailored training for its Enterprise customers, in addition to the extra care and extended support provided to its Small Team and Business members.


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Target Market

RelateIQ is ideal for everyone including individuals, small and big organizations. It helps its users working on several projects that fabricate a large amount of information and requires an even greater amount of decision-making to successfully supervise them all.

Supported Languages

RelateIQ supports English only, but they give support in other languages too on clients’ requests.

Some of their Clients

RelateIQ has big names as their customers like Box, Asana, and T3 Advisors. This list also includes News Corp, Binc, GrowthPoint, and InstartLogic along with Knewton, KPCB, MindSumo, Rallyware, Sookasa and StyleSeek.

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Managing Director of T3 Advisors David Bergeron stated that switching to RelateIQ boosted their CRM capabilities from 60% to a full 100%, enabling them to secure high profile deals and enhanced prioritization of tasks and clients.

News Corp. initially used RelateIQ in a few of its departments, but were so impressed with the internal adoption that they expanded its use throughout the organization.

Box, a huge company with more than 500 employees, uses RelateIQ to collaborate and share their content across any medium from anywhere.

Why RelateIQ

RelateIQ simplifies, automates and deepens the way to engage with customers in professional relationships. Whether to manage a sales pipeline or track deals to closure, RelateIQ ensures tools and insights to boost the efficiency. It automatically analyzes and tracks the day-to-day communications which impel relationships in sales, business development and more, using algorithms and data to make their customer’s job easier and better.

Company Info

RelateIQ, an auxiliary concern of Salesforce, is an enterprise software company located in Palo Alto, California, USA. It was founded in 2011 by Adam Evans and Steve Laughlin. In 2014 acquired RelateIQ as their own subsidiary company. Salesforce is treated as world’s number 1 CRM provider. RelateIQ’s team includes data scientist DJ Patil as Vice President of Product, Ruslan Belkin as Vice President of Engineering and Armando Mann as Vice President of Sales.

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iDoneThis Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?
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Overview Presentation

idonethis-logoiDoneThis is an incredibly simple yet useful application. It is a web-based software that reminds each member of a team to reply to an email at the end of each day regarding what they accomplished on that day. The next day, everyone receives a digest portraying what the team got done on the previous day. Despite being such a simple application, it is consistently used by some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Tactical Portfolio Supervision - iDoneThis allows its customers to precisely see their list of projects so that they can take decision about where to focus more or where to less. iDoneThis gives them a clear conception about monitoring and editing downstream personnel’s portfolio data, rank their projects, simulate their portfolio scenarios, and assess their capacity up to optimum level.
  • Functionality and Resource Management - iDoneThis also provides authentic project administration functionalities such as setting up deliverables, organizing everyday jobs, and maintaining costs of a project. It has resource management tools which supports various types of structures when assigning people on everyday jobs. iDonethis also has risk managing features which helps monitor project risks, characterize improvement, and locate contingencies and workflow. iDoneThis has tools to handle change requests and analyzes its impact using scenario replication.
  • Productive and Flexible Solution - iDoneThis software integrates well with MS Outlook by letting their customers to work openly from a well-known interface and still stay connected with the assigned responsibilities and team. iDoneThis team also has significant features to supply pre-defined reports and allocate them by email at a scheduled point. It has features like resource allocation supervision and timesheets for more efficient control and tracking.
  • Document Sharing and API Management - Task information is more precise when it is complete. As an online task collaboration appliance, documents and files can be stored and delivered to all members. However, iDoneThis provides file versioning to keep track of changes. Access rights are approved with quite a few degrees of permission, so it is completely protected. Customers may use whatever mobile gadget they may have: iOS, Android, or Windows Phone and even tablets. For picky functions, the API is also available for integration.

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iDoneThis is a highly configurable and customizable software, so pricing depends on how it is particularly fixed up for an individual’s or company’s unique requirements. Fees are usually paid monthly. It has normally three categories: Personal, Gold, and Business. Personal is free for all, Gold is $ 5 per month, where as Business costs $ 5/member per month. All in all, it is an extremely cost-effective software to enhance productivity.


Social Network Presence

Target Market

iDoneThis is ideal for both small and big organizations. It helps management at big organizations working on several projects that fabricate a large amount of information, and requires an even greater amount of decision-making, to successfully supervise them all. Minor companies have some special necessities such as new product improvement, complex software extension, or public sector projects improvement, and can turn towards iDoneThis for enhanced productivity.

Supported Languages

iDoneThis is mostly English based, put provides support for other languages too on clients’ requests.

Some of their Clients

iDoneThis has garnered an impressive portfolio of clients. Some of the big names are Twitter, Uber, Mozilla, Reddit, Trip Advisor, Shopify, FourSquare, Code Academy, and Zappos.

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Andrew Miklas, CTO at Pagerduty, said that instead of holding meetings, he can easily get his desired output by seeing iDoneThis e-mails.

Chris Savage, CEO at Wistia, remarked that iDoneThis paves the way to show others what they are working on, and no other tool does this.

Mary-Heather Cogar, Vice President of Operations at Ravelry, stated that it is highly motivating to receive iDoneThis emails in the morning and reflecting on the achievements of the team.

Why iDoneThis

In July 2011, iDoneThis was renowned as one of the “20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch” by Business insider, and in December 2011, The Next Web awarded iDoneThis as one of the “10 Best Productivity Apps of 2011″ along with Evernote and Dropbox. Using iDoneThis’ mechanized features, analytical expertise and visual consumer experience not only lighten the load of updating the project sketch, but also supply project managers with precious real-time information. So with correct information and fewer distractions, they can focus more on better planning, implementation and collaboration. Moreover, iDoneThis is getting popular all over the world by gaining clients’ trust.

Company Info

iDoneThis was founded by Walter Chen, Rodrigo Guzman, and Jae Kwon in 2011 in San Francisco, California, USA. Amazingly, the company initially began as a weekend project to help one of the founders, Rodrigo Guzman, get back into shape. It worked, and helped them realize that tracking and sharing accomplishments everyday in turn inspired people to get more done.

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Top 5 Billing and Invoicing Management Software

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?
Check-out our valuable and unique Top 15 Web Applications 2015.

online billing and invoicing imageBusiness owners spend much time in planning for their projects, developing their products or services, tracking their sales leads and managing their resources. They use processes, technology and applications to make sure their projects are on schedule, products are of high quality, staff is motivated and customers are happy. To make sure that customers will stay, make repeat orders and keep the company profitable, businesses have to finish strong. At the latter part of every business transaction is billing and sending invoice to the customer. Billing and invoicing management software makes this stage of a business transaction very professional and pain free.

Billing and Invoicing Management Software

Many small and mid-sized businesses have taken advantage of cloud-based platforms and services to manage customers, projects, and resources to make their organization competitive. It is high time for them to try and experience the benefits of online billing and invoicing. Billing and invoicing management software enables them to instantly deliver invoices using emails. There is significant cost savings compared to manually printing and delivering bills. Keeping it online means making it accessible as long as there is Internet connection. When customers receive their professional-looking invoices accurately and on time, the billing company gets a good impression.

The Top 5

Here is a list of our top 5 applications for online billing and invoicing management. They offer mobility, automate calculations, create consistent and professional look, can be delivered by email and produce significant savings. Each software also has special features and plans that will help users determine which one is right for them.

1. Freshbooksfreshbooks logo

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting software offered by a Toronto, Canada company founded in 2003. Users are able to track time, organize expenses and invoice clients online. They can customize their invoice, accept credit card payments, attach PDF or image receipts, track recurring expenses, and more. People can try the software-as-a-service for free for 30 days. Paid plans start at $ 19.95 per month. It is easy to use and is supported by an award-winning customer service team.

2. Xeroxero-logo

Xero is an online accounting, invoicing, billing and banking software. It provides access to real-time financial information that helps its customers take advantage of opportunities while avoiding situations that will give them problems. Aside from online invoice management, it also has features for managing payment, payroll and cash flow. The service can be accessed via PC, Mac, tablet or phone.A starter plan that allows users to create and send 5 invoices is priced at $ 20 per month. Over 400,000 small businesses use the software.

Read our Xero Review | Visit their Website

3. QuickBooks Onlinequickbooks online logo

QuickBooks Online from Intuit has the Simple Start plan at $ 9.99 per month ideal for startups. It is easy to set up where everything is customized for one’s business. It has dashboards and feeds that show users what they immediately need to attend to as well as the actions to take. Invoices can be customized to have the company logo, font type, background image and custom fields. It also has a Pay Now link on the invoice where the customer can click to instantly pay via credit card or bank payment.

4. Zoho Invoicezoho invoice logo

Zoho Invoice is specifically for creating professional invoice online. The software can create and send invoices in a matter of seconds. It also tracks time, automate payment reminders, accept online payments and provide information and insight on the business. It offers a freemium plan where it is free for 1 user with up to 5 customers. For $ 15 per month, up to 3 users can use the software to take care up of to 500 of its customers. Since it is a part of the Zoho product suite, users can easily integrate with other products such as its online accounting software Books.

5. WorkflowMaxworkflowmax logo

WorkflowMax is an online job, time and invoice management software which was acquired by Xero. However, it is focused more on providing an integrated business solution rather than an accounting and financial system. It is ideal for construction professionals, architects, engineers, creative agencies, IT services and business consultants. It has pre-sale tools and project management functions, as well as tools for purchase orders, reporting, accounting software integration, and invoicing. Pricing plan starts at $ 15 per month per user.

Read our WorkflowMax Review | Visit their Website


Every business and organization is unique, but all have paying customers that need to receive bills or invoices for products they bought or services they hired. A simple invoice software such as Zoho Invoice may be all that is needed by one company. On the other hand, a full accounting software such as Freshbooks, Xero or QuickBooks Online may be required by a growing business. Then, there is also the all-in-one WorkflowMax especially for companies offering professional services.

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Top 10 Creative Ideas to Promote your Corporate Event

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come in we are openHave you run out of ideas to promote your corporate event? Well, throwing budget at the problem guarantees nothing so instead try throwing creativity at it. Fresh ideas are a far more valuable currency for the successful promotion of your event. This particularly goes for squeezing a new demand on people’s time into an already cluttered calendar.

Planning and publicising corporate events effectively and engaging people’s interest right from the start is critical to their success and is about far more than spending a fortune on a hot-air balloon and a marching band.

#1. Powerful invitations

Start by making your invitations powerful statements of the event’s credibility. Done properly, they will make it irresistible, will incite action and demand to be taken seriously. Personalising invitations is simple and effective. By tailoring them as much as possible to the invitee and their specific business sector, you massively increase the chances they will attend. Use questions aligned to common issues such as: ‘Do you struggle to convert leads into sales?’ Using modern, fresh and compelling designs that work to support the brand are also vital to engage the delegates and lends authority to the event.powerful invitations

#2. Business-specific agendas

Building from the personalised invite, the more specific the event’s agenda is to the sector, the more likely those people will justify the expense and make the journey. Many people limit themselves to perhaps two or three corporate events a year and they want to make sure they get their money’s worth. So tailor your agenda to their needs and help them choose your event over others. Throwing the agenda open too widely, usually in an effort to boost up the numbers, only results in half-interested attendees. Instead focus on a smaller section of the market and make the agenda and your event an unmissable moment on their calendar. Being too general is always a recipe for a half-full auditorium after the lunchtime break.

Business-specific agendas

#3. Amazing hand-outs

Creating inspirational and amazing event hand-outs that will be kept and shared can of course be very expensive. Going through the traditional channels of print publication to produce glossy corporate event brochures can be notoriously costly. But by focusing on where you spend, or using a small studio press, you can make big savings. You can also use it for promotion ahead of time to generate excitement.

Amazing hand-outs

#4. Added venue extras

If you know that your client’s delegates are going to be travelling from long distances, why not give them added benefits of a local tour. You could do this yourself or employ a local partner to do it for you. Maybe your event will be inviting an international audience and people who have not visited the area before. Why not arrange a walking tour, which will be of real interest to your audience and be relatively low cost (or even free). You could work with a local tour partner, history group or community group to generate an audio tour that guests can download onto their smartphones and take on their own. It’s really about creativity and adding on small, bolt-on ideas to keep the client and the delegates happy.

added venue extras

#5. Very Special Guests

Inviting a keynote speaker or a special guest to host your corporate event is the classic way of filling your venue with interested, engaged visitors. Those who do not have the budget to invite a Hollywood A-lister to speak, may switch off to this idea immediately. However, by carefully researching your industry sector and asking around to understand who is of interest to your audience, you can find hidden speaking talents. You may find a great live speaker, someone who may not be well known, but can hold an audience. Someone who is confident at the podium, who speaks from the heart with great authority and engages the audience. Maybe there is someone who has a great story to tell, who can break up the flow with comedy or shake-up the guests. Maybe they have their own side business and would speak for free for the positive promotion it would provide them.

very special guests

#6. Cultivate a thriving online community

By carefully nurturing a thriving community of individuals, you can create a lot of interest way before the day of the event. Once someone has signed up to attend, begin creating an email community. Not just forgetting about them or blasting them with countless bland updates on everything from date reminders to speaker bios. This is not a database, it’s an active and caring community of intelligent and interested people so treat them with care. Nurture their interest, give them something for their trust and early sign-up. You can also notify them of interesting developments in the run-up with a short but effective weekly or monthly news bulletin.

Cultivate a thriving online community

#7. Build a buzz!

Launching a pre-event social media campaign ensures that there is always a rising ground swell of activity that continues to generate energy and excitement right up to the event and beyond. Create a clear calendar of pre-event activities and monitor and record how the appeal of the campaign is growing. Tie-ins with local partners can also generate a desire to shout about the event: ‘Join us at our Corporate Strategies event on 21 June and enjoy a free burger on us at Ed’s Diner.’ Maybe even design your own Twitter header for people to share and use.

building a buzz

#8. Local Partners

Most events use sponsor partners but getting local partners and small business involved is a great way to add exciting and unique opportunities around your event, which you can then of course shout about. For instance, why not invite a pop-up coffee business to park outside the venue or even in the foyer, if allowed. Even consider giving your guests an alternative with a pop-up smoothie bar. The local company can provide it free if you go directly to them and can make it worth their while with the right numbers. You can use branded cups for instance to reinforce the message. It is the kind of thing you can promote in advance and generate excitement about.

local partners

#9. Raffles and quirky competitions

The promise of quirky competitions can be a bizarre but popular promotional tool. Having a quick prize draw between each presentation or one slot reserved for a prize draw can be a great way to build community in your audience. You could ask each speaker to bring along a prize, something funny or serious. It can get all of your audience tweeting about the event and really help ramp up the good will.

Raffles and quirky competitions

#10. Video the event

You may not be able to wow audiences at your event with expensive multimedia and audio visual shows but by videoing the proceedings you at least help generate post event content and contribute toward building the event into something more of a live or theatrical performance. If speakers know in advance that they are going to be videoed, they nearly always perform better. Their reputations as great speakers are on the line and they liven up. They put more into it and engage with the audience better. Moz Con, the major US digital marketing conference, is excellent at this and has built up the profile of its speakers into digital stars.

video the event


Creativity is like currency for promoting corporate events, no matter what budget you have earmarked. Time is a critical resource for your delegates and they want to firstly and primarily know that their time will be rewarded and that they will be wowed by your excitement in the project.

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BuilderTREND Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?
Check-out our valuable and unique Top 15 Web Applications 2015.

buildertrend logoOverview Presentation

BuilderTREND is a cloud-based project management software for home builders and remodelers. It helps builders communicate with subcontractors regarding the tasks and building process while allowing clients to see and check wherever they may be how their home is getting built and how much it is costing them so far. It has features that are very helpful for custom home builders such as managing selections and change orders. It is also an integrated system able to replace multiple programs usually used by construction professionals for creating proposals, managing schedules and to-do lists, and tracking change orders.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Business Pre-Sale – BuilderTREND has features to help get new business. It has lead management function that enables user to easily create and track leads and convert them to a new project. Creating proposals and bids is simpler, being able to refer to historical data to ensure estimates are accurate. Users can go online through their mobile phones and tablets and send these documents quickly even when they are out of the office. Successful proposals can be saved and be re-used for future business.
  • Project Management – This construction project management software has all the features to cover all the stages of the build life cycle. It has the all-important scheduling tool that shifts automatically when changes are made. It can send notifications to keep everyone involved updated. It has to-do lists that can be assigned easily to different persons and a daily log to track jobs that can be shared to all parties. It has a timesheet function for easy log in and out, even through mobile phones. It can manage purchase orders to reduce possibility of errors and lapses as well as document and photo storage and annotation. It also has real-time commenting features and private messaging.
  • Customer Management – It is a home builder and remodeler software that is also an end-to-end business application designed with happy customer as the outcome of every project. It takes the stress out by having features that simplify change order creation. It has a selections function that integrates with the schedule and costing plans. It also automates warranty management and customer feedback. All features can be accessed with native iOS and Android devices that also has voice-to-text capability. They also offer website development and hosting service for builders and remodelers.

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BuilderTREND construction project management software offers a flexible pricing plan that is determined by the type of jobs and the number of jobs started, either on a monthly or yearly basis. At 1 project per year that includes for unlimited users, file storage, email and phone support, and training sessions, with marketing materials and access to its online University, price starts at $ 99 per month. There are no setup fees or need to enter into a long-term contract. There are no additional costs for product updates or new features. Customers may cancel their subscription within 30 days for a full refund.

buildertrend pricing

Social Network Presence

Target Market

BuilderTREND is for production and custom home builders, remodelers, design/build firms and specialty contractors. It is very helpful for construction and project managers in collaborating with subcontractors, trade partners, suppliers, and clients.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Client information is not available at the website. The software is being used in more than 30 countries that include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Latvia and the Bahamas. About half of their clients are from Nebraska.

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Steve Taft of ADC Custom Homes stated that the software really changed the way they do their business. He found it really valuable especially in tracking change orders, revising the original scope, in generating leads and in notifying clients. They were able to sell more projects.

Why BuilderTREND

The home building industry is bouncing back, and the market is showing positive signs for business. BuilderTREND is a consistent award-winning software that has proven track record. It is an integrated business solution for home builders and remodelers that have the right features incorporated through the feedback of actual users.

Company Info

BuilderTREND Solutions Inc. is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Omaha, NE, USA. It was founded in 2006 by brothers Jeff and Steve Dugger and friend Dan Houghton. Jeff is the Executive Vice President of technology, Steve is the EVP of Operations, and Dan is the EVP of Sales. The business started to turn a profit just three months after they launched. The company survived the housing industry crash. After conditions started to improve in the last two years, they found themselves as a leader in the industry, with customers in over 30 countries.

Click to view slideshow.

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Xero Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?
Check-out our valuable and unique Top 15 Web Applications 2015.

xero-logoOverview Presentation

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that is tailored to the needs of small businesses. This software has all the time saving tools and helps small firms manage their accounting details in the best possible way. Xero helps the user send online invoices to the customers and schedule payments, along with simplifying the process of paying the suppliers. Invoices can be reconciled and expense claims can be created using mobile applications offered by Xero. The reconciliation of invoices takes seconds and helps save up on precious time, while latest bank transactions can be imported and categorized.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Online Invoice Management – Xero online invoicing facilitates the user to create professional invoices. The customer can make the payment on an immediate basis using the Pay Now button through the available payment gateways. The unpaid amounts from the previous invoices are also displayed so that the customers can pay the outstanding balance. If the customer is also a Xero user, he can save the invoice as a draft bill into their company. The customer can contact the business owner from within the generated invoice, and the message would be emailed to the business owner. The user can generate invoices directly from the quotation. Xero also facilitates the user to follow up and track the quotations.
  • Payment and Payroll Management – Users can manage their bills through Xero. This would help the user remain organized and manage cash flows in a better away. The application provides a complete overview of the purchase orders and the bills which can also be created using Xero. Purchase orders can be copied directly to the bills and bill payments can be made in batches. In addition, employee payslips can be printed in just a matter of seconds. This software provides a comprehensive approach towards managing the tax calculations and employee leaves. It also facilitates automatic pay run journals.
  • Cash Flow Management and Business Management on the Move – Xero manages the bank activity for the user and automatically matches the activity to your banking transactions. The user can also attach files with important financial data using Xero. The mobile application can help the user to send invoices and reconcile them on the move, along with the facility to create expense claims with ease using the Xero mobile application. Receipts can be added on the go. Reports can easily be published, and access can be granted to the relevant users. The reports can be sent using Google Docs for collaborating the cash flows and the budget. Business owners can manage all the aspects of their business by connecting to several e-commerce add-ons. The data is kept extremely secure, and all the updates and upgrades are added automatically.

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The biggest quality about Xero is that there are no surprises or hidden costs. The user can test drive every feature for free for a trial period of 30 days. The Starter version of Xero comes at $ 20 per month, the Standard version costs about $ 30 per month, whereas the Premium version of Xero costs $ 40 per month.


Social Network Presence

Target Market

Xero is targeted for small ventures, accountants, and individuals. All entrepreneurs need compelling monetary solution and bookkeeping to attain achievements and success. Xero is beneficial to bookkeepers and accountants as well because it helps put the client’s financials at their finger tips.

Supported Languages

Language supported by Xero is English.

Some of their Clients

Some of the main clients of Xero include Francis Consulting, Peter Jackson Plumbing, NetPotential and Monaco Lange.

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Richard Francis from Francis Consulting stated that he loves the fact that Xero is highly customer-focused, and that his suggestions are embraced and listened to.

Sonya Jackson from Peter Jackson Plumbing doesn’t consider herself or her husband as tech-savvy, but they find Xero straight forward and easy to use.

Eyewear Boutique Founder Kajal Sanghrajka was impressed by the customer support offered by Xero.

Why Xero

Xero is a powerful accounting application, and has a solid innovation and database group. They took the time to re-evaluate accounting software in the cloud, and construct the world’s most compelling accounting engine. It is perfect for every user who needs to keep an eye on his business financials, and fulfills all the key requirements of business owners that include reporting, bank reconciliation and invoicing. Xero has got everything that is needed to run an online practice efficiently.

Company Info

Xero was established by serial businessman Rod Drury and his bookkeeper Hamish Edwards in July 2006. Xero is based in New Zealand, and develops cloud-based accounting applications for small and medium-sized organizations. The organization has its offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is listed on the New Zealand Exchange, being one of the top 20 companies, and also listed on Australian Securities Exchange.

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9 Ways Agile Software Management Can Benefit Your Team

When it comes to executing a big project, your team needs the ability to adjust on the fly and adapt. Problems can occur, customers can change their minds, and other stakeholders can make unexpected requests that threaten to throw the entire development process off course.

That’s why more traditional plan-guided approaches to software development don’t always deliver the best results. Those approaches force your team to make decisions and finalize project details very early in the process, and changes — even those dictated by the market or customer — are hard to overcome.

Agile software management, on the other hand, offers you more flexibility to manage stakeholders’ dynamic needs and problems that inevitably pop up. You can quickly adapt and ensure that you deliver the highest quality product on time.

Here are 9 reasons for you to consider agile software management for your next team project:

1.  Work begins more quickly

You don’t need to take months to flesh out a plan and outline specs in detail. Instead, your team establishes just enough requirements for the project so that the coders can begin building the core components of the software. Development begins quickly and you tweak and alter the plan as you progress through each iteration.


2.  Products go to market faster

You can release a minimum viable product and begin making money much sooner than if you wait for a complete final version. Once you release your beta version, you can continue tweaking the software until you “perfect” it.


3.  Customers are happy with the end product

You have the opportunity to develop, test, and share your progress with clients in short intervals. As a result, clients can offer feedback on functionality and other aspects in time for you to make adjustments. Doing so ensures that the final version meets customer expectations, rather than forcing them to accept an unsatisfactory end product.

4.  Risk is lower

Because you can test software before finalizing it, you ensure that it is going to meet the needs of the client and perform well in the current market, before you or the client invests too much time and money. It is clear early on if  if a project is destined for failure, allowing you to pull out before it’s too late.

5.  Bugs don’t get past early iterations

You catch pesky problems early on, ensuring a higher-quality product with fewer bugs upon completion. With each iteration, you can focus on creating the highest-quality product.


6.  Transparency is higher

All stakeholders — from team members to customers to corporate leaders — can track the progress of a project, ensuring that it stays on track, hits deadlines, and meets the expectations of everyone involved. Transparency ensures that everyone is always on the same page.

7.  Forecasting is more accurate

Your team will be able to more effectively predict the timetable for project completion and ship date. You can also more accurately forecast expenses, ensuring that you don’t exceed your budget. You will also experience fewer missed deadlines.

8.  Productivity increases

Employees and other stakeholders work together from the very beginning of the project, communicate often, and troubleshoot issues as they pop up. Work is more efficient because team members discover and resolve problems early on. This leads to less rework, shortening the path from programming to market.

9.  Top software engineers will want to work with you

Agile environments are attractive to many premium software engineers, and if you can offer this work style, you increase your chances of recruiting the best talent in the industry.

While Agile is incredibly advantageous, it can be hard to implement if you’re used to traditional management systems. Tools like Tempo for JIRA simplify the process of agile software development efforts, offering flexibility to team leads, project managers, and scrum masters to adapt and pivot as circumstances require.

Tempo Planner can help

Tempo Planner for JIRA and JIRA Agile can help you manage the above and achieve your organizational goals, keeping your teams on track and on time. Tempo Planner offers resource scheduling, capacity and sprint planning, and roadmap and release planning, and is available for JIRA Server on the Atlassian Marketplace (Tempo Planner for JIRA Cloud is coming soon!).

Try Tempo Planner for Free

Learn about Tempo Planner

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Meet Tempo at the Career Fair in Reykjavik

Tempo is really exited to get to know the students of today and scout new talents.

For the first time Tempo will be attending the annual Framadagar (e. Career fair) at Reykjavik University, held on February 11th from 11 am to 4 pm GMT. We will be introducing our company and Tempo’s agile project and portfolio solutions for JIRA.

5 Reasons to Join Tempo

Framadagar is an event hosted by the international student association AIESEC to bring students as well as recent graduates and companies together for a day of workshops, networking, and career opportunities. Framadagar hosts over 3000 students and over 60 companies each year.


Be sure to drop by and say hello. Have some chocolate, grab a Tempo t-shirt and introduce yourself, and possibly bring your CV! Tempo is currently scouting for summer interns from various disciplines and future employees. Our booth is located on the second floor at B28.

Apply Here


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Tempo Planner 2.2 Released! Issue Dependencies, Empty States, and enhanced usability

We are happy to announce a small but significant release with enhanced UX and refreshing improvements with Tempo Planner 2.2 for JIRA and JIRA Agile. A lean release on the road to Tempo Planner 3.0 with a stack of cool improvements and fixes.

Top of the World

You can now access Tempo Planner in the Tempo Top Navigation.

Tempo Planner in Top Navigation of Tempo Planner for JIRA
The option is displayed in the drop-down menu for Tempo Planner users with any of the following roles:

  • Team member
  • Team lead
  • User with Browse Team permission
  • Program manager

When you click Planner in the top navigation, the page display is determined by your designated role. The Program Backlog page is displayed for Program Managers and the Team Backlog page is displayed for other Planner users.

Issue Dependencies

This is something that many of our users have been eagerly waiting for and we’re happy to announce this small but important update. Issue dependencies are now taken into consideration for the Iteration Timeline in the Team Backlog.

Issue Dependencies in Timeline of Tempo Planner for JIRA

The display of issues in Iteration Timeline will respect the Blocked issue link when forecasting issues. The issue with the link is blocked by will always display after the issue that has the link blocks.

In-Product Guide

Got a blank page and not sure why or how to fix it? Now, Tempo Planner will let you know what you need to do to take advantage of a given feature with our new empty state messages.

Empty States in Tempo Planner for JIRA

  • If no team is linked to your program, we show you where to create teams or add them to the program.
  • If JIRA Agile is needed to make the feature work, we let you know.
  • If your project is missing epics, we show you why and where to go.

Sum total of sub-tasks in Program Kanban

Total of remaining hours in Epic in Tempo Planner for JIRA

The epic cards in the Program Kanban now show the aggregated estimated remaining hours of the issues linked to that epic. The estimate is displayed in the epic card and shows the sum of all remaining hours in the epic, including linked issues and all sub-tasks.

And Much More

These features are just a taste of the flurry of smaller tweaks and improvements included in the latest Tempo Planner release. Others include:

  • Sprint dates selected in JIRA Agile are respected in Tempo Planner
  • Plan can now be edited by clicking the Plan Item on the Timeline
  • Current day is displayed by default in the Iteration Timeline view if complete sprint view is larger than a full screen
  • Link to a JIRA Agile Scrum board is displayed below the Sprint name in Iteration Timeline
  • Issue key displayed in the Plan Item sidebar
  • Planning on a non-working day is now supported
  • The remaining estimate respects the user workload when allocating issue

Please check out Tempo Planner 2.2 Release Notes for the full list of improvements and fixes.

Tempo Planner integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Timesheets for painless timetracking and flexible reporting, and Folio, the latest financial portfolio management addition to the Tempo family.

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Planner with each release. Please keep your feedback coming to help us grow and improve Tempo Planner with each release.

Upgrading Tempo Planner is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Planner for JIRA Server through the Atlassian Marketplace.


Recommended article: Chomsky: We Are All – Fill in the Blank.
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